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The office staff are excellent , caring, and sincerely committed, to support your concerns and assist you on your road to recovery. Dr Favorite explains, asks for feedback, enjoys humor, reiterate and supports your questions and concerns. Your office staff and physician are top notch and are gifts to us the patients. Thanks for being here.
MK Pippy

After five (yup… five) back surgeries I’ve discovered that a certain degree of pain, after a few years, just kind of becomes your new normal. A recent car accident motivated me to at least try chiropractic intervention for my upper back. Results are completely favorable! Dr. Favorite is that perfect combination of friendly, casual, but still very professional. He listens. His office staff are stellar. (Fair warning, he looks like he’s about 16 years old, but I’m certain that’s just a result of clean living and a clear conscience, so we cannot hold that against him. I don’t know, maybe he could grow a beard, or work up a wrinkle or two…???)

My entire family has treated with Dr. Favorite, I was the final holdout and I 100% recommend him.

Jean Strahan

I have been going to Dr. Favorite since I was 12 years old. I stopped going for a long time and then started back going to him a few months ago. I’m so glad I started my treatment back. Him and his staff are so understanding, amazing and so kind. 10 out of 10 recommend!!!!

Bryanna Gray

Dr Favorite and his staff are some of the best! Mariah at the front desk is a rockstar at customer service! With all the customers that come into that office, she still remembered my name as I walked in the door and the issue I was dealing with! I was impressed with her attention to detail! Dr Favorite is super patient with all the questions I had and is very thorough and made sure I felt comfortable with the plan.

Rachel Rorabough

The only place that has allowed me to function my day to day life! I had a lot of back pain from my muscles/nerves being effecting daily.. Dr.favorite fixed that & work with the nerve system to allow your body to naturally do it’s thing to be healthy!

Oscar Gonzalez

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